The Dangers Of Tobacco When We Smoke

Smoking is Harmfull

Tobacco by itself is harmless. It is incredibly dangerous to us when we harvest it and smoke the leaves in cigarettes, cigars, and pipes, and use it as chewing tobacco. Smoking tobacco is the leading cause of heart and lung disease, stroke, high blood disease, various types of cancer, the most prominent being lung cancer, and COPD. COPD is basically a near total shutdown of the ability of the lungs to bring in oxygen, which is akin to not breathing.

Before World War II, lung cancer was almost unheard of in America, and with the rising popularity of smoking during and after the war, lung cancer statistics shot up through the roof during the 1950’s and 1960’s and have always been correlated with smoking since that time.

When it comes right down to it, a person might just as well back up the family car and hook the exhaust up to their mouth and breathe deeply. The result will be the same, it is just that the car exhaust technique will simply occur earlier. That may sound rather harsh, but smoking cigarettes does pretty much the same thing to our bodies. Our bodies are simply poisoned by cigarette smoke.

Did you know that cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide and cyanide? Both of these substances will kill you, and yet we think nothing of inhaling both of these in cigarette smoke. Did you know that nicotine is also a killer? If you were subjected to an amount of nicotine the size of the head of a pin, you would be dead instantly. So, it is just a matter of the amount of the poison we consume at one time, that keeps us alive, but we will suffer from the effects of it just the same.

Lung cancer is nearly totally derived from cigarette smoking. The carcinogens that are found in the smoke of cigarettes have been shown in studies to bind to the DNA in our bodies and cause genetic mutations at the cellular level, possible being a factor in the formation of cancers. Roughly 95% of lung cancer patients have been smokers of either cigarettes or cigars. Once lung cancer passes a certain stage, it is almost always fatal, unless caught early and is limited in scope, to where the affected part of the lung can be removed.

Cigarette smoke destroys the alveoli of the lung to the point that they become very hard and inelastic to the point that they cease to function. The alveoli are the method that is used by our lungs to transfer oxygen from the air breathed in to the blood in our bodies. Without that process working properly, we will die. When the alveoli cease to function properly, it is called COPD.

The nicotine in cigarettes is highly addictive, making cessation of smoking very difficult, if not impossible to stop. Since smoke is a major cause of nearly all of our degenerative diseases, it doesn’t seem logical that a person would continue. Nearly all of the long-term smokers will die of some form of disease caused by smoking. That alone is an excellent incentive to stop smoking tobacco.

Many people have switched to electronic cigarettes where they can lower how much nicotine they use slowly weaning down to 0mg. It is a very effective way of quitting and we do recommend using eliquid and electronic cigarettes.

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